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So I checked out this show. It's good! I like it a lot more than Battlestar Galactica. The whole ship thing was very monotonous and I couldn't get into the storyline.

The group marriage was introduced in Episode 3. I like how it was presented without assumptions or judgement. Very matter-of-fact, like you said. I haven't gotten to the part where they all sleep in one bed. How big is this bed? I don't think I would like that. I'm a sprawler, it's hard enough sharing a queen-size with one other person and 2 cats. What if you're in the middle and you have to pee? Do you have to crawl over 5 people? Nuts to that! And as much a voyeur as I am, let's face it: if your husband and wife are fucking next to you, makes it a bit hard to get some shuteye :P
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