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Here's an option: try to slip it into the conversation hypothetically. So instead of declaring that you're poly and that's the kind of relationship you expect, you could mention it as something you've heard about and sounds interesting. That lets you probe them, find out how they would feel about it, without letting the cat out of the bag.

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p.s. Sometimes it seems easier for poly men to find new female partners. Most guys don't relax when they hear "I like you, and my boyfriend won't kill you if you make out with me". Girls seem to be more open... IMO.
I haven't met any poly guys who agree with you :P there are a number of threads going around right now, referring to how difficult it is for poly men to meet other women, while their primaries/wives are out there finding all the guys they want.

I think anyone would get a little worried when told that they won't ge beat up for something. Whenever someone tells me "don't worry, trust me" it makes the hairs stand up on my neck and instantly stop trusting them
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