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Quick question: How should I go about "coming out' to a man I am into? I recently scared away a man that I really liked. I think I came on too strong... and not sexually. I just told him too much, maybe too soon. We have known each other for about a year... but mainly online only. I had a chance to get him alone and I just told him how I felt. He is a bit younger and he had never even heard about anything poly before... so I think I was too sure of myself... I haven't heard from him. Before we parted he seems okay with everything... so maybe I'm just thinking about it too much because I always over think things. Any thoughts?

p.s. Sometimes it seems easier for poly men to find new female partners. Most guys don't relax when they hear "I like you, and my boyfriend won't kill you if you make out with me". Girls seem to be more open... IMO.

btw... I got this topic from Ticipa... even though she was asking about coming out to her husband... it made me think about stuff.

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