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Default Not sure how to proceed

So my husband and I have decided to bring another woman into our marriage. It is strictly a V relationship where she is his girlfriend, but she and I do not. I am having major jealousy/insecurity issues.

I voted yes for this, but I feel like he is constantly giving her preferential treatment. I recognize that this is not a contest between she and I, but I can't seem to always put that knowledge into practice. I also feel as if she is constantly manipulating the situation to her advantage. For example, last night was "my" night with my husband. She was constantly texting him, she came into our room unannounced and univited to return his phone (so that she could text him), and she asked him to take care of her child last night because she was just so tired from work. Yet tonight, when its her night, she made sure that she has a babysitter for the child. My husband says he is going to speak to her tonight, but I don't know if it is going to be enough. I know I need to have faith that he will handle it and work it out.

I guess I just need someone to tell me if I'm overreacting or crazy or if my gripes are legitimate. Thanks for your help and your honesty.
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