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I think things will change for women when they see their men staying home and helping them raise their kids... really there is a complete lack of trust there that needs to be addressed before anyone can even have ONE good relationship. That is what I get from my mono friends. I get that entirely, what I have is a gift and a privileged. I have been raised in a household that communicated and was middle class. I have parents that taught me to stay together during hard times and make it work. Whether or not they should of is another story, but... you get my point I hope.

There are distinct systems that have been forced on communities that don't have the privileged that I did that forced men out of homes and women to take care of kids on their own... I don't know much about it, but I think it was Chicago where women didn't get enough welfare money to survive if the fathers of their kids stayed home, so they left, just to survive. When I lived in Montreal, single mothers got more money than single women towards their education so many women got pregnant just to be able to go to school... screwy systems make screwy families. All good in a lot of ways, but far from being able to have healthy poly relationships.

there is also a huge number of kids, now adults, who have grown up in single family homes who have witnessed the break down of families due to a large number of circumstances. What is their take on poly? They have grown up experiencing that single is the only thing that works I would think... at least the only thing that appears to anyway.

Hope this is a start. I am feeling rather sheepish about it, cause I don't know much, but this is the sense that I get so far.

I think it would depend on the type of poly relationship also... the swinging end I don't think would be sustainable in raising kids, but the poly-fi end is. The poly-fi end seems to be far more difficult in terms of what I was talking about above. Lots of trust and communication skills needed.

anyone else? I feel very vague on my thoughts around this and could be easily convinced to believe something else at this point.
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