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Recommendations from a mono:


Secondly, ask yourself the following questions:

Why do you feel polyamorous? Are you already interested in some one?

What will you want out of additional relationships? What is missing from your current one? (maybe nothing at all..but he will ask so be prepared)

What benefit will come out of you having other partners for him? Really, what are they? The easiest way to figure this out is to reverse the situation and ask what benefit it would be to you if he had other partners and you did not?

Be prepared to discuss why you need to have sex with other people....poly isn't all about sex, but it does involve it..otherwise you would basically be opening up to him about having other friends.

Will you be ok with him exploring realtionships with other women the same way..picture it in detail..the sweating, moaning, and pillow talk. He's going to picture that as well..there is no glossing over this so be ready for him to go there.

Sorry to be blunt but this requires honesty with yourself first.

Take care and do what keeps you healthy first and for most.
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