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Originally Posted by Honestheart View Post
when moving slow becomes standing still and holding... is that a good thing or a bad thing when that holding still means you've put your dreams and hopes for a relationship's future on hold...indefinitely?
For me, the good thing about polyamory is that even though I may have placed some hopes and dreams on a particular relationship that is not moving forward due to another person or persons either being unable or unwilling to move forward....I have the freedom to put some new hopes and dreams into new relationships that may be able to move forward in a more timely manner. Life seems to be able to provide a constant supply of potential new relationships....if you are open to it!!

Is there such a thing as going too slow so that you are hindering emotional growth and consequently the growth of all relationships ?
I wouldn't delay or hinder my own growth just because the person or people I'm involved with aren't able or willing to continue to grow. I would continue to move forward with my own growth. If that means leaving the relationship(s) I would do that, but if I am able to continue to grow personally without leaving the relationship(s) I would that.

would you? or would you let go, walk away, cut off all ties, and never look back?
For me, there is usually a mix of letting go, walking away, cutting some ties, moving forward, looking back, re-connecting, talking more, listening, processing, developing new ties with other people, taking care of myself, moving forward some more etc.

Good luck !!!
The key to life is in being fully engaged and peacefully detached simultaneously and authentically in each moment.
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