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Hello, everyone. My name's Andy. I'm 24 at time of posting.

For a little over six months, I've been in a relationship with a woman I've known and liked for years, who is one corner of a triad. I get on well enough with her husband and their girlfriend, but am only romantically involved with her. I'm living about 80 miles away from where they're living at the moment, so I only see them at weekends. I'm looking into moving into the area they're soon to be moving to, so that will be a change.

I think I'm settling into poly quite well, though I do have my occasional wobble, but I think that's more to do with my own insecurities than with poly itself. They've been very supportive.

At the same time, I'm also experimenting with my sexuality. Although I know I like (and prefer) women, I have found myself thinking about men on occasion. I've dabbled a little in that regard, but not enough to content myself on where I am with it. A threesome between my girlfriend, her husband and I is somewhat vaguely on the cards, and I'm equally nervous and excited about that.

Before the relationship I'm in, I had two long-term mono relationships with women, from which I was never single for more than a month back to being about 13. So, yeah, I never really had a period of experimentation until now. And I am experimenting quite a lot.

I think that's it. Any questions/comments, feel free to message me. I also have a blog on LJ. My username is Vampire_Hermes.
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