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Originally Posted by Kadence View Post
Please help me. I am so deeply in love with a man who has told
e that he could never be with just one woman. He has recently talked his girlfriend of many years into trying polyamory, and I'm trying so hard to go in for it too, but I have so many mixed emotions.

First of all, he's been with her for a long time. How do I not feel like an outsider or the third wheel? How to I manage the fact that they live together and I'll be on my own?

Secondly, every man I've ever been with has either cheated on my or left me for someone else. Is it wrong for me to want someone who will be as completely comitted to me as I am to them? Is it selfish of me to not want to share (again)?

I'm also young, and I want to have children. They both already have kids froM
previous relaionships, so I feel like I won't be able to have that either.

I really want to make it work, so please help me get over these things! How do I see the other side, to see that this could be great?

First, ask him if he will have kids of your own with you and will he support those children as a father should. If he says yes then you have a place to start. If he says "no" than move on to some one who will fulfill your needs.

You may as well cut to the chase on this one my friend. Otherwise you could put in a tonne of effort and for something that will never make you happy.

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