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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
In November she met someone who is now her partner. Ever since then she cancels on me basically every time we make plans or if she does actually show up it's for as short a time as possible before running off to be with her partner again. This isn't the first time she's been in a relationship since I've known her but it is the first time I've been completely dropped. I don't know if I should just hold out for the NRE to wear off or if I should just cut her out of my life because it causes me pain. Any words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated.

I will go out on a limb and say this happens a lot. I notice it often, friends come and go dependant on what is happening in their lives. It usually stems from a new relations and could be a million reasons from the new bf wanting all of her time to her wanting to give up all of her time. I find the action...sad because its burning bridges. Honestly how often on this poly forum do we hear about the heartbreak because they are having relationship problems because they no longer have friends for support, dedicating their time to their spouse only.

As to what to do, you know your friends, I can't honestly give an opinion. I am patient and have a lot of friends so I just keep being social and open and hope they decide to come back.
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