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Post my picnic with Jack

Today, i'm excited...because Jack and I get to "do" lunch together. My hubby, Scoobs is getting together with Bobbi also, for lunch at his jobsite. We live out in the country, so Jack and I, have planned on taking off on the wheeler, with some subs and having a picnic on top of the mountain. It's really exciting to be able to get those little moments together. We always seem to see each other at some point in the day, since we live two houses apart, and i'm at the bottom of our dead end street. Sounds like Bobbi and Scoobs are doing a similar lunch, only in the "city"
As our relationship grows, I see there are little things like this, that need to be worked out. Last night, all of us were together, here at the farm, and I guess it was discussed about their lunch together, but the music was jamming, and I didn't hear it. Jack would have mentioned it to me, cuz he would also want to get with me, in that case. It was this morning, while Jack was down here, retrieving Bobbi's cell phone, that she left here last night, that it got brought up, with Jack, myself and Scoobs. I guess Scoobs thought I knew about it...not a problem, I just want to know, so that Jack and I can play...i mean PLAN, a lunch too...ahhh the wonderful life of self employment, where you can just shut down, and enjoy.
I will share how this lunch plan came to pass, perhaps for insight on how to handle issues. Jack, Bobbi and myself are here on the mountain, everyday, where as Jack's business is here on the street. Scoobs works off the mountain, at various jobsites. Scoobs mentioned to me, that I do get to see both of them, during the day, while he is working. This is true...Bobbi and I walk the mountain with our dogs, daily. After our walk, we hang out for a while, and usually Jack stops in on us. In the least, we both get goodbye kisses when Jack goes back to work. There are also times where I am working in the yard, and Jack stops while going on by, and I may steal a kiss, or have a few minute chat with him. Scoobs may be the only one that didn't get to see anyone that day. He brought this up to me yesterday, which is a very valid point. I have sent him up there, after work, to have coffee alone with Bobbi, just so he feels like it's somewhat fair. But this isn't daily, like it is for the rest of us...though we get together almost every evening. In hearing out what Scoobs had to say, I came to the realization, that in reality, Scoobs and Bobbi control that part, and that, they would have to send texts, or something, and steal away those moments for themselves, where as Jack and I, don't mind a bit. The point was, that those two are resposible for grabbing those moments...I really don't have much to do with it, because they both have my blessing's to get together, when ever they can. He saw the light, and I guess that is where the lunch idea came from.....GO SCOOBY...glad to see you are THINKING!!!!!!!
I believe if you want and desire to make your poly relationship work, you must gently, work out these minor, but irritating issues. Making a quad work, or any other type relationship, takes work...period..but if all want it, it can be a wonderful ride. Candi
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