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Dudes... I guess this is an update... me and my guy are doing great... the funny thing is we are both dealing with a bit of heartbreak. The two folks we are crushing on hard.... well, I'll just say it, they are ignoring us. lol His new girl is busy and w/her primary. My guy knows that she cares for him and will visit later this summer... so he is okay... just missing her a lot. They spent the past year together (almost everyday) and now she is far away. So, he's just sad. My crush... he is just avoiding me... I think I scared him away. I still don't even know if he feels anything for me at all. I hope that I have not ruined our friendship. I kissed him the other night... nothing big... just a few small kisses (he seemed into it and even pulled me close). Well, I left him a message in his phone saying goodbye and letting him know that my guy and I could not meet for breakfast... I also texted him my number so he could call if he ever wanted to. I have not heard from him. I'm totally being a teenage girl about it all. lol

I'm "sitting by the phone waiting for a call" (which means I'm always checking my FB and waiting for a text from him)... silly I know.. I think I actually scared him off. I was completely sober when we kissed, but he had a few drinks. So I think he was only kissing me because he was "loose" w/ the alcohol. It has only been a few days so maybe he is just trying to figure out what to say to me. My guy wrote him a short message the other day to let him know that nothing has changed and he's still one of our bestest friends...a

So maybe I just need to give him some time... I hope I did not scare him away from us for good. It is nice that me and my primary are both pouting around the house at the same time... even if it is for slightly different reasons... makes me happy I picked him as a primary...

I have decided to stop waiting around and get out and get busy. No sense in wasting away on the sofa checking for a repy or phone call...
question: how do you guys deal w/ a minor let down like this? When you see your SO going through a bit of heartbreak or dissapointment.. what do you do to cheer them up?
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