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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
e.g. I don't enjoy the act of giving blowjobs in and of itself, but I love giving them to my husband because I love him and love to do pleasurable things for him. But I would never give a blowjob in a casual setting, because there would be nothing in it for me.
Interesting. I DO enjoy giving a blow-job for the sake of itself, and I've done it in a "casual setting" where I did not have an orgasm of my own body, and never thought of it as having "nothing in it for me". I get an endorphin high out of it which probably comes from the different layers of power-exchange... being on one's knees is a sort of submissive position, but I've got my teeth around someone else's genitals which is a somewhat dominant position... The juxtaposition of these positions is a huge turn-on. Plus, there are other things, such as really being able to experience someone else's orgasm that is not quite the same as when you're also focused on your own - this is one reason i'm not a big fan of sixty-nine.

But now, this is getting to the point where we might have to split some of the posts off into another thread, and I might need a cold shower.
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