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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Regardless of what happens in the future it will always be special to me and represent a transition in how I connect and love someone from a very different place than I have ever been. She has taught me a lot about myself and we are truly soul mates so it is only natural for me to declare this amazing relationship through a visual tapestry. (I believe you can have more than one soul mate incidentally) The symbol is a union of the libran and sagitarius zodiac signs.

I will eventually add to my ring tattoo….but I am ok with waiting…I’m staying put with my Life Love
Mono! You are such a beautiful writer. You make me tear up sometimes...believe it or not I am such a sentimental romantic. And not that our perspectives are similar-you Mono, me Poly- but you really move me. 2Rings is very similar in his writing style...very lyrical. Even when describing your tats it is very poetic, and couple that with the imagery of your tatoos, and I just think you are fab! LUCKY LUCKY Redpepper!
Like vandalin I am super vanilla no tats and only single ear piercings but I am contemplating one other piercings. I have the image in my head of a tatoo, and I am pretty sure I know where I would have it, very discrete. We will see if I get up the nerve to do it.
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