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Originally Posted by DrewandLyn View Post
On the plus side, one does not have to make very many connections to have a great poly circle ..
Very true !!

There are literally thousands of swingers with online profiles in our area- but out of those thousands- maybe less than a dozen polyamorous- a lot of swingers have never even heard of poly and when we bring it up they are, more than not, put off. Sex, for the swinger crowd, is often just a sport, which is off-putting to us. But as you say, it may be changing.
The word polyamory seems to put people off and until the word itself gains more popularity, it may be better to explain the lifestyle without using the word. It seems to be pretty easy to weed out the people looking for sport sex from the people desiring relationships. We have found a few couples and hope to be meeting them soon!!!
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