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Originally Posted by DharmaBum23 View Post
Oh goodie. This is an easy one. I can even express it in one word.


To elaborate. Run. Fly. Flee. You cannot help her here. Retreat. Head for the hills. Make yourself scarce. Sprint.
IF this is all true, .......I agree with Dharma. RUN !

Your 'girlfriend' would be a manipulating, controlling, charismatic, loser.


You may feel 'lost' without her, but remind yourself, it is possible to care and love others. Hence your initial feelings towards Girl B.

To be honest, reading the part where she 'forced' you to show her the letter, and held the relationship at RANSOM in order to make you comply,.... made me feel physically ill.

NO ONE has the right to envade your privacy, or force you to go public.

You did not cheat either. Not by anyones standards, who is also sane.

If your girlfriend has really done all these things, in the manner you say, she is not polyamorous, she is just a ,........well, nevermind.

If you carry on defending her, you may want to look up 'Stockholm Syndrome'.

P.S., Ever hear that expression, about how when someone points a finger at you, there is 2 pointing back at them ?
That about sums it up, when she called you immature, and not ready for polyamory, etc.
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