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Originally Posted by DrewandLyn View Post
We just become more attractive in person with time and both find ourselves more attracted to people we've developed friendships with first. The online dating thing, at least in the swinger world, has been more about sex first and friendship later...
I agree, but maybe things are changing a bit. Our profile says "We are a couple and we have a great relationship which started out as a friendship first (seven years ago) and evolved into a loving connection that we value and enjoy. The foundation of our relationship is based on honesty, trust, respect and love. We are interested in meeting a bi female or a couple for a sexual relationship but also for the enjoyment of compatible companionship and the emotional connection that can be shared....possibly long term. We might agree to a "one night stand" but that's not really what we're looking for."

There must be 50 to 100 couples in our area, but only a hand full are responding and saying "that is what we're looking for too" so it's a start!!
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