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Default Tats & Piercings?

Yes, TATS, not tits hehe

So what have you got? I have 8 or 9 tats (depending on who you ask... ask me, I have 9, my artist says 8, because he incorporated one into another). I have just slightly streched earings... you wouldn't know if you saw them.
I know I saw somewhere Mono's got a few.. (are you an artist? Feel like coming to Ontario? hehe)

All of my tats have special meanings. None of them were spur of the moment and none I regret.

In the order I got them
The little angel with the purple rose is my first one (on my left shoulder)
Second was my Xena tat ( I LOOOOOVE XENA) her chakram and Gabrielle's sais, a design I did. (back of right shoulder)
third a friend of mine was murdered a few years back, this is her tribute. (2/3rds of right arm)
fourth, Canadian flag (faded) (right ankle)
Fifth, a little cherub (left ankle)
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