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Well the unicorn text me back after I text her if she wanted to continue seeing us and I hope I did not scare her off?

No you didn't scare me away my text that confused you was more of an apology for not reading your profile and understanding what you two wanted from the get go. I like you guys. our meeting was fun and enjoyable. but I am not the most available person to be friends with. I have alot of stuff going on most of the time and I wish I didn't. but for right now thats how it plays out for me. So there ya go....

I text back with my BF's consultation on this.

Understand and sorry I just got a little excited about all this because its all new to us and me and may of pushed myself on you a little to much I feel. Your the one with a complicated life and we have a simple easy one. So no worries if you like to continue seeing us that would make us very happy. We have all the time you need from us and we know yours is limited. We totally understand your dilemma and will not intrude. Call us or text us anytime you need us we are there for you! Kisses and Hugs.

Any advice will help on what should our next step should be with our unicorn?
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