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Originally Posted by dazedandlost View Post
if your guy is anything like me, he was probaly over thinking the whole situation and drove himself crazy with thoughts of you leaving, being replaced, thoughts of that nature.
That's what I was thinking. As much as he told me it was about him getting to sleep so that he would be ready for the log drive the next day, I could not help but think he was just saying it to make it seem as if he were not jealous or worried. I would have let him saty out as long as he liked.... I feel like he will do this again... Just not sure what to to now. We talked about it more but there really isn't anything else that we can say about it... time will tell. I am going to see a good friend at the end of this month... while I am out of town I will also be spending time with... hum... I don't know what to call him, my second main

So, I will see how me and my primary deal with it. I will be by myself this time so I don't think my guy will text me and tell me to "go to your room...!!!" hahhah
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