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I guess it is sexual... we are still new to this... but I have had feelings for this friend for about a year now. He is from another state, so we only see each other once a year. My guy knew I really liked him but he did not know how much until recently. So I can see him having issues w/ anything sexual. What I don't get is why he would tell me I could do "whatever" I wanted with him.... and then quickly call me back to the room even though he knew I was "in safe hands"... He really trusts the friend and me... we were also with another very good friend. I just got a little pouty when he said he really wanted me back in the room just so he could sleep better. He still says that's the reason why... although I am a little upset that I could not enjoy my night as much as he enjoyed his w/ the new girl. He had no pressure from me while he was with her.... it's not fair. I was having such a good time w/ the friend and we were actually just talking about what poly means to me. The friend is a bit younger and he wanted to know more about it. We had one of those awkward all night talks about ourselves... you know the ones where you just talk because you really want to know more about someone... they are good and fun talks. I felt as if I was not permitted to enjoy mine. My guy sent the text and messed it up for me. My guy and I know that this friend will always be just a friend. We did speak about that... so there is no need to worry about his standing w/ me... I just have a huge crush on him and I always have. My guy makes fun of me for This friend of ours is a bit geeky, but that's why I like him. Thanks for the reply. My guy and me are fine and still learning stuff... I just did not want to let this go w/o a little input from someone else that may be able to see it with unbiased eye.
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