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I hear what your saying it seems there is many couples out there looking for what we want. I never heard of the term unicorn, it fits. And that flow sheet was funny and it looks like we followed it to the tee. I hope what we are asking is not impossible it sounds like you have found it? I do have many questions and glad I found this site.
To be honest if you had asked me 9 months ago about 3somes...I would have said they were relatively easy to find. I was...well probably borderline swinger. I didn't care about the relationship just wanted the sex.

9 months ago I found that and more...I just about wrote unfortunately, because it has made me want more...making the journey more difficult. 3somes were easier when you just wanted someone to spend a weekend with. Finding someone you both need to be attracted to, the are attracted to you both and have the personalities to mesh...well it gets exponentially more difficult.

We have actually changed our relationship structure a bit because of that.

So no, I have not found my triad, not a V...I have made a lot of good friends...we are also an "open" couple so we keep one foot on each side of the non-monogamy door. If that makes sense

I will not brother her like you said and ask "why, why? I will just leave it alone and if she comes back to us then great! She was not only good in bed but also very funny and passionate person that I would love in our lives. My BF felt the same and is not blaming me, he was just was upset too and it got the better of us. We are learning much about our selfs in this experience and have grown closer because of it. We will have to learn to take it slower and not scare someone off with our enthusiasm next time
hehe...well enjoy it, one thing my wife and I are doing are going separate ways. We aren't separating (as in our marriage) but she needs to spend some time with women, on her own. She is bi and while has NEVER hidden that fact she never acted on it. She, and I agree with her, believe its probably time...

Best of luck...and enjoy the ride...and honestly expect a lot of bumps in the road.
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