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Originally Posted by girlcaleb View Post
Is he going to do this whenever I want to spend time w/ someone else?
When you say "spending time" are you talking about having friendships with other guys or relationships that will include sex? A lot of guys, including myself at one time, have a problem with their partners spending time with other guys even as close friends. It generally comes from a subconscious fear that women don't have control of the situation when they are with a guy. Once he understands that you are in control and empowered than that can be relieved. It was for me. I used to be completely paranoid about Redpepper's time with other men but I finally realized that it was not based on a lack of trust but on the false idea that she did not have control of the situation. Now I am much more aware of reality and her personnel power in all situations. She can take care of herself very well.

If you are talking about being sexual with other guys than that will probably be a much different and bigger hurdle to cross.

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