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Originally Posted by Endicott View Post
AFf (adult Friend Finder) is more orientated towards swingers (sex as an event or recreational experience vs emotional let's-build-a-life-together experience). U might find what u r looking for, but specify upfront, be patient and look for other means to find your dream girlfriend. And have fun along the way
This was our profile on AFF:

My name is xxxx and I have been bi-curious for a while and have talked to my boyfriend about involving another girl with us. This is not a easy decision and we are very discriminating about what we want. We are looking for a girl that is going to want to start a relationship with us that will move to exploring our sexuality and trying some new experiences. I have always looked at a women's body as very sensual and would like to explore this. We do not want to rush into this with anyone and are willing to wait until we find the right girl that is looking for a similar experience. We are not looking for promiscuity or quantity, we don't want to just get with any girl for a quick fuck, We are looking for a quality relationship. We want to get to know you and build trust and friendship and intimacy before we take a step like this. We love each other and will not allow just anyone into our life. This is something that we want to build up to, and make a memorable experience. We don't want to just find someone for a quick one night as this is a relationship that is more complicated than can be learned that quickly. We want to meet a woman that is looking for a close friendship with just us and wanting to have a passionate relationship. If you want to have a relationship like this and would like to get to know us we could see where it could go.

My name is xxxx. My girlfriend talked about wanting another girl in our relationship and we are exploring the idea. I love her and we have a very commented relationship and I would like to try this with her. I am a very passionate man and think I can enjoy doing this with her and another women and it will make us even stronger in our own relationship. We have a very passionate relationship, we enjoy kissing and cuddling and love to have allot of foreplay and intimacy and holding each other all night long nude, we like closeness and cuddling and find it very satisfying. The thought of holding her and another women and exploring each other is really very exciting, we are both very adventurous people. It would be nice to share some good times and some adventures with someone that likes to travel with us on occasions. We are looking for a independent women that would be free on weekends, to maybe go for trips with us. We like to go to the desert for camping and motorcycle riding we also like flying, going to the beach to ride our bikes, and many other pastimes. We like to go boating at Laughlin and take trips to Las Vegas or other destinations and we would love to share this with another women that would be interested in some fun get aways, or even just a night out on the town. If this is something you would be interested in send us a message we love to hear from you.

My Ideal Person: We are looking for a women that is free on most weekends to go out and have some fun. Someone that wants to have fun in and out of bed and would like to build a good friendship not just a one night stand.

I don't think we were vague in what we wanted so why she decided to see us and start this is with us is very hurtful now since her last text to me said.

Damn sorry I missed that in your profile. I wouldnt have met with ya if I knew this is what you two wanted. I mean don't get me wrong I am glad I did...but I would have declined. I am super sorry on that...

Maybe she needs more time to think my boyfriend says or maybe we will not hear from her again.
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