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Default Any Sci-Fi fans out there...

(It just occurred to me that, even though this is a minor plot point, some might consider this post a spoiler... I apologize for not adding this disclaimer sooner. If you just hate spoilers, no matter how minor, and have plans to watch "Caprica," don't read on. )

I'm curious what others thought about the plural marriage on the SyFy channel's "Caprica".

My wife and I were surprised to see television presenting different possible future iterations of marriage. For those who haven't seen the show- one of the main characters, a female teacher who runs a private school, (A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...) has multiple husbands and wives who share a household and a very big bed. The shows writers introduce the plural marriage when a student visits the teacher at home and no attempt is made to hide the poly relationships. The student is not particularly surprised- just a little curious about the plural marriage. In later episodes, the poly relationship is just in the background, presented matter-of-fact- the husbands and wives doing dishes, making dinner, sleeping in the big bed, etc.

I don't know where the writers will go with this- in the first season we don't really know if the teacher will be a hero or villain. She is secretly a monotheist in a world where monotheists are discriminated against by the pantheists. And the monotheists have a radical terrorist wing. I suppose if she turns out to be a villain, that might be an indictment on her poly lifestyle- hard to say. But very interesting to see a plural marriage so matter-of-fact on TV.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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