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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

For me its a matter of not fucking friends. End of story. There is far too much chance of damage and I would lose far too much of what I have gained in terms of self love and empowerment. Besides, there is so much to be gained by sticking with a few good lovers and really developing what it means to really make their toes curl and teaching and learning from them what make my toes curl.
I can't say that I have the same reasons, but I do feel the same way. I like to keep my "people that I have sex with" and my "people that I think of as 'friends' " separate. For me it's a sort of drama tolerance. If I am having sex with someone, I have a different level of tolerance for drama than if I am not. If I could potentially(or have in the past) have sex with most of my friends, then that means there would be a LOT of people who bug me at work because they need to recover a profile from Windows XP(yes, this happened before). If they are just friends and they ask for stuff like this I'll just tell them to call the "Geek Squad".

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But have you had an orgasm with a treadmill?
I haven't, but it isn't unheard of. They are called "coregasms". I do concede your point, though.
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