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Default Agreed !

I agree with both Ariakas and Redpepper.

- There is definetly a certain amount of dedication one has to have with the poly groups. Be consistant, go and meet in person. Many times over. Some men do much better in person, then on the internet.

- Ariakas is right. It is a 'guy issue' period. My husband is a lovely,genuine, good looking man. He was feeling much the same as you for awhile.

What worked for us, is me helping him out, by talking to women for him. Once some women see, that he isn`t a cheater/jerk and his wife really is ok, many of them kept chatting with him.

Oh, as for women who want to go slow. I am one of those women. I can take 2-3-6 months before meeting someone. I rarely meet anyone on a whim.

Partly safety, and partly the fact that as a woman we do receive many, many invites. The best way to weed the wrong people out, is to really have patience, and take our time. I can say I have never met a weirdo, or freak, or someone I wanted to get away from fast.

While I know it will happen at some point, I think my positive outlook on internet dating, is due to having such restrictions.

...just some food for thought.
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