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Originally Posted by Bucketlist View Post
That left me upset and my boyfriend upset with me that I rushed her by asking these things. Now she will not text or call me back. My boyfriend said I pushed her away even though it was his idea I ask her these things too so we know. Now I feel confused and upset I ever started this and not sure where to go from here?
Your boyfriend shouldn't lay blame. There could be a million things involved here.

a) she isn't comfortable in a 3 way relationship - you will run into this...3somes aren't nearly as difficult to get as a girl who wants to date in a 3some
b) she may well have been bi-curious...she may no longer be bi-curious but straight...this happens more often than you think, especially if any alcohol is involved
c) ...

I am the guy in this type of relationship. You are looking for what is sarcastically referred to as a unicorn. You might want to look that up.

If you really want to experience the sexual side, without the attachment you may want to look at swinging...who knows you may make a connection there. You don't have to fall in love with everyone

hmmm if you are doing this to explore your bi side, you may just want to try dating on your own. Meet women and enjoy yourself. Who knows what can happen moving forward, but if its your bi-sexual side you want to explore more...than so be it

Oh...and don't ask her. Its her right to break something off without being required to give a reason. Did you ever break up with a guy and he chased you around screaming "why, why"?...if not, it kind of comes off a bit needy and whiny.
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