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Default My bucketlist

I always fantasied being in a relationship were there is one man and two of us women. I thought what a great relationship that would be. All of us sharing and caring for one another.

I been bi-curious my whole life but never acted on it till just recently and now I have enjoyed the company of two women and now know I'm bi-sexual.

I'm in a relationship with a man I truly love and we shared many thoughts and one was bi-curios side. He was willing to help me find out if I would like being with another women and we can explore this together. He has never been with two women and the thought of me exploring another women with him excited him very much.

We started searching on the Internet to find us another women that wants the same experience and we found this site called Adult Friends. Our first encounter was pretty exciting and we went on a few dates but nothing panned out she was to busy for us and we gave up on her. Then we found another lady that said she always wanted to try this and said this was on her "Bucket List". She has never been with a women or more then one sexual partner and wanted to try it also. So we all meet and we all clicked and went into to bed together. OMG! it was amazing! She loved it, I loved it and may I say my boyfriend, he loved it! I thought I knew what passionate love making was but this surpassed any thing I have ever experience and my boyfriend thought the same. We all had a connection to each other that surpassed anything I every experienced before. My boyfriend and I where in haven and talked and talked about that night and how wonderful it was and we were falling for this girl and wanted to see her and wanted her to share our life's with us. But she did not feel the same it was just a "Bucket List" in the end and did not want to continue. She was afraid her family and friends would find out and even though it was amazing too but she could not get past and was not OK with that kind of life style. So we moved on, hurt but understood her concerns.

So we continued our search for our dream girl. And we found another but this one said she was looking to spice up a couples life. So we contacted her and we all meet. She was in two previous couple relationships before and told us this is what she is looking for. We all clicked and had a wonderful night together. My boyfriend and I where in haven again and I finally excepted I'm not bi-curious any more Im totally bi-sexual and loving it. I would text and talk with this new friend of ours day after day. We become friends on face book we were sharing our selfs to her and she was with us. I asked her a question that most people I would think would ask starting a relationship, do you want a LTR? My boyfriend and I where falling for her head over heels. She came back and said sorry but she is just looking for a good time and wants no commitments or to have to work on any relationship with us. That left me upset and my boyfriend upset with me that I rushed her by asking these things. Now she will not text or call me back. My boyfriend said I pushed her away even though it was his idea I ask her these things too, so we know. Now I feel confused and upset I ever started this and not sure where to go from here?

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