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Default A very happy ending

Okay, so in real life this played out a little differently. Wed already had a date planned for Saturday (this was the imagined scene 2 in question), but before the day came, she suggested that we might have a friendly but more serious conversation at some point during the evening.

She picked me up for dinner looking no less than stunning than usual, and we enjoyed casual conversation over a nice and not too heavy meal, before changing the venue to the bar/lounge of a slightly nicer restaurant, where we had a couch in an alcove all to ourselves. We had a drink, we talked about each others expectations of a serious relationship, we traded cute stories about our developing interest in each other. We sat close and talked, and when the evening was late we walked back to the car, which sat quite alone on the far end of the parking lot. And just as we got to the car I pulled her close for that first kiss. Almost two hours later there we still were, enjoying that first kiss, over and over while it rained gently on us in the warm night.

The audience had long gone home.

It was a truth so much better than I could have planned or imagined. It seems pretty unreal, and now almost 24 hours later, Im still feeling pretty breathless over it.

Thanks for reading, and for your insight. Thank you especially jkelly for the very entertaining response

A Very Happy Sluggy
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