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GS -
I don't really want to be that free floating flower girl... I don't see that as a positive thing for me. I have gotten this far in my life having some sarcasm, edge, and caution in me. I like metal music, listen to rock on vinyl, go to goth clubs... AND am an earth friendly person... all bracketed by realism, facts, science, skepticism, etc. These are actually traits I like. In fact, a friend of mine refers to people like this as " new age wankers". I know it can come across as derogatory, but it is all in good fun, and makes me laugh hysterically!

Although I can guess that what you mean by it is to let go of some control, live life in the now, etc. I just do not want to do it someone else's way.

Autumnal -

I think that may be a part of it, yes. I don't feel my feelings for O have changed negatively, in fact, him being so supportive through our conversations about this have made me like him more as a person... and more appreciative of him, not the other way around.

BUT - since I know that it can happen (Since I have experienced that) I do fear it from the other direction, i suppose. Now that I put it like that, this is a common feeling in poly relationships, huh?
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