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Originally Posted by girlcaleb View Post
I never got a chance to go to a meet up because my ex was so controlling... It seemed like a lot of fun. While I would always advise you to be careful... the Seattle folks did seemed really nice. They also seemed to be well known in the poly world. As I stated earlier... I had to leave my ex. When I told him of my plans to leave he became violent. I knew then that his jealousy and controlling ways were just warning signs. I don't want to scare you... your guy may not be like my ex. I just want you to really try and figure out if being with him is worth all the stress. I spent the last three years of a four year relationship dealing with a similar man.... in the end I just had to get out. I have no regrets about leaving.. It was hard at first... but now I have an awesome primary and great supportive friends. I'm still new and growing so I can't brag too I just don't want you to give up on something that makes you happy because some man tells you 'he knows best'.

be careful and good luck
thank you husband was actually like this. Jealous to the point of insanity and violence. That's why now my freedom is more important to me than ever. I've always been a flirtatious soul and i've lost relationships b/c i had developed interest in others, not b/c i stopped caring fro my primaries. But I had no idea this other option was out there. So i will most definitely NOT give up on this for myself. I've been through 2 men who tried to constrict me, never again. And i have told my primary that my freedom is more important to me than anyone or anything and I love myself the most before anyone else. So we either need to work this out, or we will have to part ways which is really my worst nightmare b/c we love each other so dearly.
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