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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
um, this is a bit hypocritical no? he says that he doesn't own you, yet he ALLOWS you to have other lovers? how can he say that your other love doesn't love you as much, how would he know that? No one knows that and it's irrelevant really
I agree RP, but my primary is still in the mono view of love. That when you truly love someone you don't want to share. He keeps saying he loves me too much to share me. Of course I tell him sharing implies you own me and he's tired of hearing me talk about the ownership issues. And also my primary has been with me almost 3 years and has been through a lot of difficult times with me, so he sees my new bf as NOT going through all this with me hence he hasn't put in the "work" for me...oy vey! Now in the last 10 months my secondary HAS been through a lot of crap...dealing with my inability to see him as much b/c of the feelings of my primary, receiving nasty emails and texts from my primary, listening to my primary bad mouth him to other people...oh yes even my secondary's friends have asked him why he just doesn't walk away from me. But my secondary and myself and no issues with each's just others that have issues with us...
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