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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post

I would leave polyamory as a seed in the back of my mind and focus on the here and now.
I think Cat has some sage advice here.

You've got lots of time I suspect. A big part of polyamory is philosophical and not everyone and every situation is able or ready to take it to reality. And time changes everything.

I'd suggest doing some studying - TOGETHER - talking and learning about advantages and disadvantages. At some point it will become more clear to you both whether this is something that fits practically in your lives or not. When that time comes you can make an informed decision TOGETHER.

Remember - 'polyamory' is NOT just about sexual variety ! And relationships are NOT just about sex. But learning about each others TRUE sexual needs & desires is part of growing a relationship. And there are a number of ways to explore those needs in a safe, sane manner as long as you can separate sex and love. So don't attempt to latch on to what you think polyamory offers in a sexual sense when that's all it is at this stage. Call a spade a spade and approach it from the proper direction.

My thoughts anyway...........

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