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Originally Posted by AliceinCyberland View Post

from what i've read so far, it seems like most poly relationships are someone splitting their time with 2 people.
Hi again Alice,

Glad you are feeling a little more upbeat It's new & scary and takes adjustment like anything else. You seem to have the right chemistry to be good at it though.

But per your above quote I suspect that maybe that's just an impression you've gotten from reading a certain cross section of posts. And although there are SOME people in that situation I don't think you'd find it a majority. There are also many in well established triads, quads etc - some living together full time etc. And even if they aren't living together their lives are tightly integrated.

But one aspect you are correct on is the time sharing ! This IS one of the biggest challenges that we face all the time - not just related to relationships. But one thing to remember is that it's not necessarily all in a negative direction. Having more people in your life on a close, intimate basis can actually mean a sharing of time burdens ! That's one ideal a lot of people seem to miss. Instead of setting up conditions for competing for time anyone has the option to team up to manage that time to everyone's best advantage. From your writing I'd suspect this is what you see in your mind too ! So stick to that vision ! It's certainly doable. It may not be immediate but you can get there.

Keep us posted

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