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Talking A small Hurdle...leapt right over.....

So yesterday When AL and I were talking On Skype.... I asked My Two daughters ( 6 and 9) What they would think Of AL coming to live here(in Australia)... The screams Of excitement just about deafened us. lol. Then I asked if they Would mind If She came to live with us.. Again the screams we ear bursting. Lol. The looks Of sheer excitement and Love was adorable.
I left it at that at that time... Later on in the car My Dd who is 6 ( she is amazingly intuitive this one!!) Pipes up and Says... When She comes to live here she is gonna be our second Mummy! We told her that they would be expected to treat Her with the Same respect and way that they treat Mummy and Daddy. Which of course they went Awwwwww. lol.

While this is only just the start of the transition we were pleased that they took it so well and openly. We Always knew there wouldnt be any issues with her coming home. All the Kids Adore her very much. The Little Guy thinks she is better then sliced bread!

I Just wanted to share this with you all. Hurdle one...gooonnnnee.
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