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I'd just like to clarify one point: the ex to which I refer is not my boyfriend just before this one. He is the one before the one before this one. I can't think of how to write that less confusingly. There was D, L and E. D is the Ex I like and E is my current partner.

I don't want D as a primary partner, that's not what this is about, and I don't know if anyone can just turn love on and off, can they? I sure can't! I envy those who can.

But yes, I get what you're saying, at least I think I do. E is trying his best and I know and trust that he is doing all he can. He's been texting me while I was at work tonight saying that he regrets being unable to talk to me about this stuff or be comfortable enough for me to have other lovers.

I need to suck it up a bit, methinks. I've already sent D a message saying that we need a break from talking for a while.
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