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I find it amusing how often we remind people to use the search feature.
Great feature by the way.

I have 4 kids. I'm also raising my Godson.

The kids are 18 1/2, 14, 13, 10, almost 3 respectively.
I've been in a poly family dynamic of one sort or another since the oldest was born though we never knew that term.

My husband and I have been OFFICIALLY poly with my boyfriend since last September.

The oldest is my child, the 14 yr old is my husbands, the 13 yr old is my Godson, the 10 year old is my husband and mine, the youngest child is biologically the child of my boyfriend and I. All of the kids know all of these details. Except the Godson who calls all of us adults by name, all of the kids call me "mom", they all call Maca "dad", they call GG by his given name and they call Em "auntie" or "mimi".

They are all WELL-aware of what Polyamory is (except the youngest who couldn't care less at this point). They are all happy, well-adjusted and very closely bonded with all four of us. They are secure and stable and SANE. They are well-behaved, responsible and well liked in the community. All in all these kids are "favorites" at friends homes because the parents are so impressed by how well adjusted and well behaved they are. They are favorites in extra curricular activities because the activity leaders know that they can ALWAYS count on adult support!

Our friends and their kids are also close with our family. Most of them are NOT poly famillies-but they accept our family AS IS and they all love to come over.

All in all-it's about how you deal with the kids. If it's "normal" for you-it's "normal" for them. If you treat it like there is something wrong with it-then they will too.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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