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I have a number of friendships that at some point were "lover" relationships and then changed BACK to "just friendship".
The key is in not "owning" or "pretending to own" the other person.

I allow my relationships to mutate to fit the dynamics that work at any given time. It makes it SO much easier to keep relationships, because it's OK to change roles as needed.

GG and I were "just friends".
Then we were lovers.
Then we were "just friends".
At some point I was a tease to his DESPERATELY wanting more and not getting any.
Then we were lovers.
Then we were "just friends".

Now we're lovers with intent to stay that way for life.

NONE of those changes was the result or cause of an argument between us. NOT A SINGLE ONE.

The best way to find out what role a person "should" hold in your life is to talk to them about what role YOU want them to hold in your life and what role THEY want in your life and see if there is a match or agreeable compromise.

Also-it helps A LOT to recognize that what role you want them in and/or what role they want to be in, can change with time and that is OK.

(I also knew in the first day I met my husband that I wanted him in my life forever. I also knew that with Em and I knew that with GG)
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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