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Originally Posted by jkelly View Post
That's probably a common story to tell, but it posits that sex is the thing that caused the falling in love, which I don't buy. It also posits that the friendship would have continued indefinitely if it hadn't been for the person wanting sex actually getting it, which I also don't buy.
actually thats partially chemically proven. Too tired to find it now, but sex causes chemical reactions that do mimic love...follow that with actual feelings......

There are a lot of platonic friendships out there that look an awful lot like poly- relationships, and they take communication, honesty, commitment, time and energy. It's questionable to point to sex as the thing to blame when the real problem is mismatched needs and a failure to communicate and negotiate.
yes...I have one friendship which I could call poly...but don't because *I* have to separate romance from be the conservative in me...
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