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Hey all,

Sorry been gone so much lately. Summers are short up here so we have to make the most of them.

As LR stated I did not write those ( very touching ) words. I have to say though that they really hit some of my heart strings.

Ari- Yeah I have written the collaring ceremony. Im not going to share it ( publicly) till after the ceremony though. If you are interested I can PM you some of the "vows".

LR has begun working on her dress for the ceremony and Im still waiting on our tax return so that I can buy the materials for the collar Im making for her.

We have started with around 15 rules so far. Unfortunatly some of the rules will have to be on hold till we are reunited after the move to the states. 24/7 is " work " there isnt a " break ". Not that I desire one But the thing with 24/7 is that you have to know how to prioritize everything going on in your life and the life of your sub/Dom. For us its not a power trip its " our life ".

Right now , with all that is going on , with the move of the kids and LR. I have decided to slow down on the " correcting" and adding of rules or orchestrating of " scenes or actions". I will tweak some of the rules so that they will function with us being seperated.

We still plan on visiting our Canadian friends in Aug. The ceremony is still planned for that time frame. See you all then

Peace and Love
" NO WORDDIES BE HAPPY"- My 2 year old baby girl
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