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thanks GS

i'll be honest, the day i posted that i was missing my husband a LOT- he's still away visiting C. i think i was thinking about finding someone for myself for a few reasons: 1. getting reassurance, even from an outside source (hey, we all like to be reminded we've still got it, right?), 2. missing my husband & wanting SOMEONE to hold me *melodramatic sigh* & 3. my sense of fairness- he has a special someone, i want one too!!! lol!!!

i was having a rough day, & i'm not really looking for someone to swing with. i'm not really looking for a special someone of my own at this time either, but if i do meet someone, great!!

from what i've read so far, it seems like most poly relationships are someone splitting their time with 2 people. for example, john & mary are married & john also has a relationship with lisa. mary & lisa know each other, maybe are friends, but for the most part don't hang out together, & john spends time with each separately. i know i may have this wrong, i'm just saying this seems to be the norm. what my husband has been wanting (& me too, i would much prefer this) is finding someone that we both love & want a relationship with, & who feels the same about us. we have found this someone, C, the only problem is she's in texas, so its long distance for now. another thing i've read about poly relationships is since its about the love first & foremost, sex might not even be involved. i'm fine with that, i love & care for C & very important, i trust her. i don't feel like she's trying to replace me or that my husband is going to leave me. but its still pretty new, & my emotions are all over the place!!! hubby's not back til tuesday the 8th, & i'm distracting myself by playing an old favorite video game lol!!! but y'all are cool, you're very understanding when people start rambling

& that was a total ramble- ty for listening, now i must get back to defeating the demon lord & his minions......... *hugs*
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