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Well she knows I read the message, she knows I know he has another partner. Something that makes this harder is that she didn't like to talk, she says that she doesn't know what to say, she tried to clarified me what does he mean for her, and to some extent she sees her as a secondary in poly terms. The thing again is my part in this chaos, I don't want to lose her, she says she would do anything for me, but I don't want to take his word, because sometimes I feel she tries to say me that I ask her to leave her partner. I don't want to control the situation that way, I don't want to control her, but it's so tempting, my jealousy is at levels I never knew I could reach and it's totally devastating in my life, I have a job and have also the school and this is affecting both. She said we could go to therapy, to a third party to find some advice or external opinion, but I feel that if I go to therapy the psychologist may not know how to handle this multi partner thing. I donít know what to do.
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