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Originally Posted by Emaretta View Post
It's not that he feels threatened, he seems him as embarrassing and below him and myself and he can't live with knowing he's going to share him with me b/c he loves me too much to see me lower myself. So he says as long as I talk to my secondary he wants nothing to do with me.
hmmm Something else to consider, I can see this as a little reversal. Your primary thinks he is good enough for you, he thinks the secondary isn't. By choosing the secondary he doesn't like or think is up to par, you are in a way reducing his value.

Look at it this way

girl 1 - physically hot, beautiful
Boy - is the poly fulcrum
girl 2 - not traditionally beautiful, smart, witty and holds up to conversation

Boy likes girl 2, but girl 1 automatically takes his interest in a less beautiful girl as a slight to her...

Just something to consider. It may not be beauty, it could be brains, kind whatever.
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