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Hi Leslie and thanks for stopping by and sharing !

I'm with Derby & mono - I'd think that any marriage shouldn't be in the immediate future. You both are still trying to figure out each other - and yourselves ! A marriage at that point would only complicate things for you both. It can change the whole dynamic (not for the better).

I wouldn't take any lack of communication at this point personally. There could be a variety of reasons from poor/no reception to a lost device. Or maybe just a whirlwind time trying to optimize what little window of time they have available. Try putting the shoe on the other foot maybe ?

The stress and anguish is all perfectly understandable. Breath deep ! It will pass. Use the other side of your brain to balance the reality and don't let just the emotional side hold sway. You'll be needing that skill set anyway

Good luck and keep us posted.

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