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Originally Posted by AliceinCyberland View Post
in the past, my husband had wanted to try a poly relationship. he said he wanted to find a woman we could both love & be intimate with. he essentially wanted a menage a trois type thing. i agreed to try because i was afraid i would lose him otherwise. obviously, this did not go well & caused a lot of problems.
Yea Alice - pretty natural human desire. Also big on guys' fantasy lists
It's what draws a lot of people into experimenting with swinging.
Which in my mind is not a bad way to get your feet wet - as long as you are careful as you go.
But one thing we've seen, and we've seen it fairly often here on the board too, is that for many people - although the lure of sex is a strong attraction - somewhere down deep we know that what we really want is something deeper. Some higher level of connection. The sex often just becomes a convenient, if occasionally improper, tool.

So I agree - explore and experiment. Get 'broken in' as you say. :0 Too bad we're on opposite sides of the country lol. But I'd suggest not having a huge master plan as you go. That often leads to disappointment and disillusion.
Be open and see how it all unfolds.

And above all - enjoy.

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