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Hi Emaretta,

I think the other posters have likely pinned it pretty well. First impression would be that there is a swelled ego in place there mixed in with the fear from jealousy. And that may sum it all up pretty well.


And I have been in this situation as well as seen it from a distance........

You may want to detach emotionally from his statements about you being 'beneath' some person - i.e. them not being worthy of you. Play the role and just say - ' ok - and if that is correct - what do you (or others) see that maybe I'm missing. Make NO assumptions of accuracy going into this - just be open minded and try to discover what this other perspective may be.

Here's why.

I have seen where an attraction/fascination with someone new and often radically different than ourselves has a powerful draw. Couple that with a dose of NRE once the connection becomes real and you have a real setting for reality blindness. And sometimes it takes an independent bystander to see some of the warning signs that we can't because of our blindness.
It's a hot, new fast car headed hell bent for the red light !

So I like to quietly acknowledge any caution flag raised. Take a breath and try to look honestly and discover if there's anything legit to be concerned about. It's not an easy task if you're buried in NRE but it's a worthwhile one. And a good skill to have for the future.

Likely - nothing there. But still wise to take an unbiased look.

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