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Thank you for responding. I find this forum so helpful. There are so many caring people. And right now, I need someone to care. I guess there is some comfort to know this is normal, but how do you do it when you feel so bad?
These emotions are so strong and I feel unable to control myself. I think you are right that things are going too fast, I guess I could have slowed things down, but didn't forsee having feelings quite so powerful. Right now, none of this seems worth it, if I will be going through this everytime he is with someone. I don't see how this meets my needs at all.
I am not interested in just going out and finding someone to be with when he is, I do spend time with my friends, but most of them would never understand this and tell me to dump him. My fear is that they may be right and I have been lying to myself about how open I am.
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