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I have learned something today. It's actually quite a huge revelation.

I have learned that the reasons I was having problems with jealousy in my primary relationship were: 1. It WAS early in our relationship so I didn't have a solid foundation to work from & 2. since it WAS early I didn't have the reassurances from him that he wasn't going to go any where.

We have, over the last five years, built that foundation and it just keeps getting stronger the longer we're together.

There have been problems, don't get me wrong, but we've worked through them TOGETHER. We've talked like the adults we are. We haven't degenerated to name calling and yelling. He's logical & I'm emotional, we balance each other out.

My lightbulb moment came when he actually told me that he CHOSE to come home to me each night. He didn't come home because He felt it was an obligation, He came home because He WANTED to! That was a HUGE revelation and now I understand why .

Things are slowly falling into place in my mind and I'm happy about that because it means I'm slowly becoming more and more happy with myself and my relationships.

It's been a long road to get to the place where I'm happy with myself and I'm more than willing to keep up the hard work in order to continue being happy.
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