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Default Typical Introduction Topic!

Well, not sure what exactly to put in my introduction, but I'm giving it a shot.

I'm a 20 year old male, I've been in many monogamous relationships, and a few open relationships, but after a lot of thinking, I think I have recently realized what my ideal relationship would be. Ideally, I would like a polyfidelity triad with two women. I realize it's generally not how most polyamorous relationships are modeled, but I really prefer fidelity in a relationship to having partners outside your primary (or primaries). I just really would like a long-term relationship that happens to involve three people, and, being a straight male, it would really only work with two other women. I also realized how difficult to achieve that kind of relationship would be. It's hard enough to find one woman who I truly want to be with, let alone two, who also truly want to be with each other.

So, I started looking at local poly groups, poly dating sites, etc. and found absolutely nothing. I live in an area with nothing happening in terms of a poly community, and I fear that even if I did, my wants wouldn't really align with many people's within it. Since it will probably be a while before I find anything close to what I am looking for, I decided I might as well discuss related topics with other polyamorous people, so here I am.
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